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  • The featured novel for 2024-25 is Melt by Ele Fountain, ISBN-10: 1782692886.
  • We are also happy to introduce two additional products: the Pentathlon Novel Chapter Quizzes and the Pentathlon Super Quiz Relay PowerPoint tests. Both will be available for $45.00. We trust that both resources will prove invaluable as you prepare your teams for the upcoming year.

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Registration Information - PLEASE READ!

Pentathlon testing is conducted online, allowing students to take the tests at their respective schools. Notably, Nationals stands as an exception, where students have the opportunity to undergo testing in person. The process involves USAP sending login information and testing directions a few days prior to the testing date for online assessments, including the Practice Competition, Regionals, and State levels. Please see below for deadlines and testing dates.

In terms of team composition, Academic Pentathlon teams should ideally consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of nine team members. Team scores are determined by summing the top two student scores in each GPA category, adhering to GPA guidelines. The pinnacle of achievement is a perfect team score of 30,000 points, calculated by considering the scores of six students participating in five events, each with a maximum of 1000 points.

Your school can have a team, or students may compete as individuals. (Team Registration and Individual Registration)

The following testing events and times for the Practice Competition, Regional, State tests.  

Literature: Students will not only write a short essay but will also participate in a multiple-choice test which includes 30 questions with a value of 20 points each.  Students will be allowed 40 minutes to complete their essay and 20 minutes to complete their objective test. Highest combined possible score is 1000 points.
Mathematics: 35 problems with a value of 28.57 points each
Science: 50 questions with a value of 20 points each
Social Science: 50 questions with a value of 20 points each
Fine Arts: 50 questions with a value of 20 points each   

A student’s maximum possible score is 5000 points (5 events x 1000  points). 

Pentathlon 20242025 testing dates are:

  • Important Dates (For States Participating with USAP)
    • Registration Documents Due – December 6, 2024
    • Scrimmage – Subject Area Exams Only - January 9, 2025
    • Essay for Regional Competition - January 23, 2025
    • Regional Competition - February 13, 2025
    • Essay for State Competition - March 6, 2025
    • State Competition - March 27, 2025
    • National Competition Registration Due – April 10, 2025
    • Essay for National Competition - April 24, 2025
    • National Competition San Antonio, TX - May 15-17, 2025

Please read the following documents to learn more about competiton,GPA requirements, and what you need to register for Pentathlon.

Nationals Information - Go!

Pentathlon Nationals 2025 test time and question totals.

Add 5 test items (passage-based) to the Literature test.
Reduce the test administration time by 5 minutes for the Social Science and Fine Arts tests (from 30 minutes to 25 minutes).

Subject              Description
Fine Arts             50 question multiple-choice test (25 minutes)
Literature            35 question multiple-choice test (20 minutes)
Mathematics       35 question multiple-choice test (30 minutes)
Science               50 question multiple-choice test (30 minutes)
Social Science    50 question multiple-choice test (25 minutes)