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Academic Decathlon.  USAD.  AD.  Acadec.  Acadeca.  We may all have different names for the program, but we've shared the same amazing experience.  That's why alumni of the program stay connected through college, in the workplace, and beyond, all over the country.  We invite you to consider becoming an active part of our alumni network through these sources. 

We find inspiration in all our alumni, and benifit tremendously from your freedback and ideas.

Get Connected!

We find inspiration in all of our alumni and benefit tremendously from your feedback and ideas. Please fill out this form to get connected with USAD and be on the lookout for information regarding various USAD alumni opportunities.


Join the official United States Academic Decathlon® alumni group. It's a great place to get to know fellow alumni. You might find that some of them live in your college dorm, or are working down the hall from you. Or maybe you'll reconnect with that Decathlete you've been looking for since the ice cream social at your state competition in 1994.