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Online Testing and Training Center

Train for USAD Team Competition through a unique combination of individual study sessions, direct challenges, and national scrimmages featuring more than 7,000 questions in art, economics, language and literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science categories. A powerful new USAD competition resource to work daily for preparation to match intellects with students from around the country through Academic Decathlon® Team Competitions.


The online test system uses the same interface as the Official Online National Competition. Get up to 35 subscriptions for one low price. The system features additional bonuses for the coach and student, which includes the ability to:

  • Build tests to assist in the team selection process
  • Administer tests in a group setting
  • Set up competitions between teams and states
  • Take an unlimited number of on-screen USAD-format tests, randomly created in each subject area
  • Access the test program from any Internet-connected handheld computer or cell phone with full web browser
  • Access test reports in seven different formats
  • Access the online practice test program with assigned username and password


Online Practice Tests—1300 test items: 200 each in art, music, language and literature, science, social studies and economics; 100 math questions. Tests will focus on each subject area, section-by-section of the Study Guide outlines, to reinforce mastery of the material.

Online Subject Assortment Tests—700 test items. This includes fourteen 50-item tests that consist of an assortment of questions from each of the seven objective subject areas.

Online Bonus Questions—1400 multiple-choice questions that go beyond the scope of the USAD Resource Guides for additional mastery of the curriculum materials.

Study Features

Online Flash Cards and Online Quick Quiz: Test your knowledge by subject category.
Online Scrimmage: Participate in national scrimmages.
Head-to-Head Challenge: Challenge another current user to a direct competition.
Online Puzzle Maker: Access to this software program quickly allows you to create word search and cross-word puzzles using word lists and clues directly from the USAD curriculum.

Purchase your subscription now to get access to hundreds of online test questions. (10 subscriptions are included in each Practice Test Package.)

To order, use our Order Form, for questions call 866-511-USAD