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Latest News

2020 USAD Online Testing Information
For the 2019-2020 decathlon season, the essay and art events will take place online prior to the competition in Anchorage, Alaska.  The essay test will be held April 9, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. Central Daylight time with the art test immediately following the essay.  You will need to reserve a computer lab at your school, library or other venue.  An administrator (not the team coach) will need to oversee the online competition. 
All students MUST participate on this day. 
All teams are required to participate in a practice set-up that will be available from 12:30 pm CDT on April 2, 2020 through 5:00 pm CDT on April 8, 2020.  
Practice Essay and Art: April 2, 2020 - April 8, 2020   12:30 pm
Essay and Art: April 9, 2020 
Remaining Objective Tests: May 1, 2020

View the 2019-2020 Academic Decathlon Curriculum Outlines.

View the 2019 USAD Nationals Final Results from Bloomington, MN.

USAD is excited to announce that the 2019–2020 overall curricular theme is: In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness. More information.

Check out the video from the 2019 USAD Nationals in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Check out the video from 2019 USAP Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee.


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United States Academic Decathlon®

The United States Academic Decathlon® is a ten-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students.

Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 Honor students (3.750 - 4.00 GPA), 3 Scholastic students (3.00 - 3.749 GPA), and 3 Varsity students (0.00 - 2.999 GPA).

The theme for the 2019–2020 Academic Decathlon is In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness. 

United States Academic Pentathlon®

Get ready for the Decathlon: the rapidly-growing Pentathlon program allows middle school students a chance to start experiencing the benefits of Academic Decathlon ahead of schedule.

Academic Pentathlon is comprised of five academic events: Literature, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Science and Social Science.

Click here for more information.

USAD Individual Competition

The United States Academic Decathlon Individual Competition has been created to help individuals achieve their individual academic goals.

Home school students, alternative school students, team alternates, and Academic Decathlon team members, this competition is for you!

USAD International Competition

USAD continues to recruit new schools for the International Competition. All English speaking International Schools are encouraged to participate. Teams for the International Academic Decathlon are created in the same manner as for the Academic Decathlon. Click here to find out how to get involved!