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International Competition

International Academic Decathlon makes the premiere scholastic competition available around the world.

Check out the 2018 USAD and USAP International In-Country Competition videos!

International teams from all over the world are invited to participate in the United States Academic Decathlon (USAD). Students form a team, join the USAD International Program and prepare to compete!

International participation is based on USAD® curriculum and standards. All high schools where the medium of instruction is English, and/or students have sufficient command of the English language are invited to participate.

To purchase USAD curriculum, on-site licensing and supplementary instructional materials, visit the USAD International Store on the IASD website:

For additional information, contact IASD President, Dr. K. Habib Khan: email:, phone 571-438-5064 or Naveed J. Khan, IASD Executive Vice President: email:, phone: at 571-438-3866 or fax: 571-732-9404. IASD website: