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USAD Nationals

The 2018 USAD Nationals took place April 19–21 in Frisco, TX.

Show off everything you remember at a competition you'll never forget; once a year, we invite qualifying teams in every state to join us for an electrifying finale to the Academic Decathlon season.

The national competition is more than ten challenging events and a championship to be won—it’s your chance to meet fellow Decathletes from across the United States. You’ll trade not just speech topics, but war stories; not just Facebook invites, but lifelong insights.

Plus, it’s more than national. Each year, teams outside the United States are invited to qualify online for the chance to join the Academic Decathlon community in person at the national finals.

The 2018 national finals took place April 19–21 in Frisco, Texas, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel Convention Center & Spa. 

Note: Online national competitions for small, medium, and large schools are also open to qualified teams from each participating state. Please contact us for details.

Future National Finals:

  • 2019 – Bloomington, Minnesota; April 25–27, 2019


USAD will be implementing the following changes that will affect only the Round 4 National tests that are being prepared for the 2019 Nationals in Minnesota.
All testing times for the objective tests will remain 30 minutes. The objective tests will remain evenly weighted at 1000 points each. 

  • Mathematics Test: Will increase from 35 questions to 45 questions total
  • Art, Science, and Economics:  Will increase from 50 questions to 55 questions total
  • Social Science, Music, and Literature:  NO Changes. 50 questions total 
  • Super Quiz™ Relay: Will increase from 39 questions to 54 questions total (18 questions each for Honor, Scholastic, and Varsity)

Download USAD National Testing Changes (PDF)