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USAD Nationals State Directors Registration
Frisco, TX

State Directors: Please follow this registration process and complete steps 1-2 if you are not attending Nationals and steps 1-4 if attending Nationals in Frisco, TX.

Step 1: State Directors (or supervisors for state competitions) complete the Nationals Intent to Participate & State Competition Results Form. Please complete this form only once after you have all your team information, indicating the state champion, Division IV participant and all online team participants (small, medium large.) If you have a change in participants, please email your change/information to:
Due: 3 days (72 hours) after completion of the state competition.

Step 2: State Director Registration Form (Complete this form even if you are not attending Nationals in Frisco, TX.)
Please indicate if you plan to attend Nationals. If you are not attending, the form is very short. If you plan to attend Nationals, this form will indicate your arrival, departure, shirt size, baseball game participation, award ceremony participation, etc. Click to view polo shirt details and sizing. Complete this as soon as possible with accurate arrival/departure/flight information prior to March 15.

Step 3: Hotel Accommodations
Reserve a room at one of the two host hotels prior to March 19 to guarantee space.



Step 4: Extra’s & T-shirt order form
Complete if you wish to purchase t-shirts or need extra seats for the baseball game/buffet and/or the awards ceremony prior to March 15.

Here is a link to the detailed 2018 Nationals schedule. Please view the Volunteers & Guests and Helpful Information Icons for additional Nationals details.

If you have a question or need assistance please contact us at: