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USAD Nationals Volunteer and Guest Information
Frisco, TX

2018 USAD Nationals Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to assist at the 2018 Nationals. Please complete this volunteer form to indicate your availability. Details and directions will be sent to you via email prior to the competition.

Here is a link to the Nationals schedule and information on the various volunteer opportunities are listed below and are updated frequently.

  • 2018 Competition Floor Plans (coming soon)
  • Speech & Interview Schedules (coming soon)
  • Interview Training PowerPoint (coming soon)
  • Interview Layout (coming soon)
  • 2018 Speech Format (coming soon)
  • 2018 Speech Rooms (coming soon)
  • Speech Judging – Time Outline (coming soon)
  • Speech Timer Instructions (coming soon)
  • Speech Timer Script (coming soon)
  • Speech Training PowerPoint (coming soon)
  • Speech Head Judge Instructions (coming soon)
  • Speech Head Judge Script (coming soon)
  • 2018 Arena Seating Chart (coming soon)
  • Arena Testing Clicker Tutorial (coming soon)
  • Arena (Objective) Testing Proctor Orientation (coming soon)
  • Super Quiz™ Format (coming soon)
  • Super Quiz™ Clicker Tutorial (coming soon)
  • Super Quiz™ Guidelines (coming soon)
  • Super Quiz™ Table Chart (coming soon)

2018 USAD Nationals Guests
Coaches: If you have guests traveling with your team, please follow the steps below. (Coaches you are responsible for submitting the additional baseball and award ceremony ticket request form for guests.)

Step 1: Hotel Reservations
Please reserve your guest rooms between March 19, 2018 and April 1, 2018 at one of the two host hotels (based on availability):



Step 2: Complete the Extras Form – T-shirt, additional baseball and awards ceremony ticket order form.
Due: March 26, 2018

If you have a question or need assistance please contact us at: