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Division IV Team Registration
Frisco, TX

2018 Division IV Teams: Please follow this registration process

Coaches please complete steps 1-8 to register and finalize your team’s participation at Nationals.

Step 1: Complete the 2018 USAD Nationals Division IV Team Registration Form.
Due: 3 days (72 hours) after completion of the state competition.

Step 2: Submit your team roster using this Excel spreadsheet link. This spreadsheet includes the pronunciation form.
Due: 3 days (72 hours) after posting completion of the state competition.

Step 3: Please mail your $600 participation fee payable to USAD with student transcripts, GPA calculations, and the following forms to USAD National Competition, PO Box 4351, Mankato, MN 56002. Forms with an asterisk are required for all teams. (Please mail forms for each student in the order requested in Step 4 and below.)

If your competition is too close to the March 27 deadline for forms to be received on time, please email your forms to and indicate the originals have been placed in the mail.

Coaches please note – If you would like to pay your participation fee via credit card, please contact us at (712) 326-9589. We require a Calculator Use Form this year. Please refer to the USAD calculator policy for curriculum year 2017-2018 if you have questions.

Deadline - All items must be received by March 26, 2018
• $600 Registration Fee*. (If your school requires an invoice for payment remittance of the Registration fee click here.)
Student Registration & Parent Permission Form*, (Student Code of Conduct/Dress Code for information only)
Calculator Use Form*
Special Needs Form
Kristin Caperton Inspiration Award Nomination Form

Step 4: Please make sure your online testing proctor completes the USAD Online Proctor Security Affidavit Form.
Due: March 26, 2018
Please refer to the 2018 Online Contest Schedule and the National Online Technical Information prior to the online practice or Essay/Art online testing.

Step 5: Complete the Frisco RoughRiders Baseball Game/Buffet Dinner Reservation form.
Due: March 26, 2018

Step 6: Complete the Awards Ceremony Reservation form.
Due: March 26, 2018

Step 7: Complete the Extras Form – T-shirt, additional baseball and awards ceremony ticket order form.
Due: March 26, 2018

Step 8: Hotel Accommodations
Reserve rooms for your team at one of the two host hotels* (required):



Due: March 19, 2018
(For teams who wish to reserve additional rooms, they will be available on a first come basis March 20-25, 2018, during the open guest reservation period).

If you have a question or need assistance please contact us at: