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International Registration

2017 USAD Nationals China In-Country Champions, Canada and UK Country Team Registration Process

Please follow these steps to complete the Nationals registration process.

Step 1: Coaches complete the 2017 USAD Nationals State Champion Team Registration Form. (China, Canada and UK coaches: please complete this form for the China In-Country Champions, Canada and UK Country Teams.)
Due: 3 days (72 hours) after completion of the in-country competition.
Step 2: Coaches submit your team roster using this Excel spreadsheet link. This spreadsheet includes the pronunciation form.
Due: 3 days (72 hours) after completion of the in-country competition.

Step 3: Coaches please submit your international participation fee to Dr. Habib Khan, then scan and email student class rank documentation and the following forms to Dr. K. Habib Khan at Naveed@iasocdev.comForms with an asterisk are required for all teams. (Please email forms for each student in the order requested in Step 3 and below.)
Coaches please note – we require a Calculator Use Form. Please refer to the USAD calculator policy for curriculum year 2016-2017 if you have questions.

Due: Must be received by March 20, 2017

Step 4: Coaches make sure your online testing proctor completes the USAD Online Proctor Security Affidavit Form by March 20, 2017. Please refer to the 2017 Online Contest Schedule and the National Online Technical Information prior to the online practice or Essay/Art online testing.
Step 5: Complete the Team Awards Banquet Reservation form.
Step 6: Complete the Extras Form– T-shirt, additional breakfast and banquet tickets order form.
Due: March 20, 2017

Hotel Accommodations & Transportation
Step 1: Provide Dr. Habib Kahn with your team information and he will complete the Concourse Registration Form and will submit  to the Concourse. Due: March 19, 2017 

Step 2: The Concourse has complimentary airport shuttle service available from the Madison, WI airport to the hotel (gratuities suggested). Upon arrival in Madison, WI please contact the Concourse when you have retrieved your bags and are ready for pickup. Rental cars and vans are also an option. If renting a car/van at the airport and driving to the hotel the Concourse offers parking at $10/day for overnight guests or $1.50/hour to a maximum of $17 per day.  Public parking lots are available at reduced rates, please view map

If you are flying into an airport other than Madison WI, please make your transportation arrangements with Dr. Habib Khan.

If you have a question or need assistance please contact Dr. Habib Khan at: