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Latest News


2015 USAD Nationals Forms are here!

Want to volunteer at Nationals in Garden Grove, CA? Sign up here!


2015 Pentathlon Nationals forms are here!

2015 National Competition Super Quiz™ Relay Format:

The Super Quiz™ Relay at the 2015 USAD National Competition in Garden Grove, CA will include 3 rounds of 13 Questions (2 questions per subject + 1 Mathematics problem).   The final question in each round will be the mathematics question, which will encourage decathletes to work together.  Each student will be allowed to bring one acceptable calculator to the Super Quiz™ Relay event.  Students will have 10 seconds to respond to each question in the Relay event with the exception of the three mathematics questions where students will have 20 seconds to respond. Further information regarding the Super Quiz™ Format can be found under Helpful Information linked with the Nationals Finals page. 

Watch the 2015 Nationals Super Quiz and Awards Banquet live!

Super QuizTM - held on April 17, 2015. Click here to view.

Award Banquet - held on April 18, 2015. Click here to view.

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This year the essay and art events will take place online prior to the competition in Garden Grove, California.  The essay test will be held March 31, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. Central Daylight time with the art test immediately following the essay. All teams are required to participate in a practice set-up from March 26th, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. through March 30th at 12:30 p.m. Central Daylight time.


The site will be open for 24 hours after the time for US students allotted time has expired to accommodate the schools in China and UK.

2015–16 Academic Decathlon® Curriculum Information

USAD is excited to announce that the 2015–2016 curricular topic will be India! Learn more here.

Information on the 2015–16 Academic Decathlon® curriculum will be released as follows:
March 1 – The overall theme and general topics for the 2015–16 Academic Decathlon® will be posted on the USAD website and emailed to State Directors for distribution to teams.
May 1 – The complete outline of topics for each subject area will be posted on the USAD website and emailed to State Directors for distribution to teams.
May 15 – The curriculum materials (Resource Guides, Study Guide, etc.) will begin shipping to teams.

Have you seen USAD's exciting new study aid?

#OfficialReadySet  (PDF)

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To learn more about USAD:

Parents and Students
Schools and Teachers

USAD Board of Directors have approved expansion of USAD programs into the International arena, click here for more information!

You can now license team study materials for electronic download at our new online store!


Click here to take the National Individual Competition survey.  

2014 National Competition Information

National Scores (PDF)
Pentathlon National Overview (PDF)
Pentathlon National Video (Video) 
USAD National Video (Video)  

2014 National Online Competition Information

Small School Results (PDF)
Medium School Results (PDF)
Large School Results (PDF)

Photos & Videos from 2014 Nationals

Award Winner Photos - Click here to view.

Photo Library - Click here to view.

Super QuizTM - held on April 25, 2014. Click here to view.

Award Banquet - held on April 26, 2014. Click here to view.

*Special thanks to our sponsor GCI for providing this service.

2014–2015 Curriculum Outlines Are Posted!

Click here to download

2014-2015 Season

Download Curriculum Overview Guide (PDF)



Download the 2014–2015
(PDF; 6 MB)

Download the 2015-2016
Program Brochure






United States Academic Decathlon®

The United States Academic Decathlon® is a ten-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students.

Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 "A" or Honor students (3.750 - 4.00 GPA), 3 "B" or Scholastic students (3.00 - 3.749 GPA), and 3 "C or below" Varsity students (0.00 - 2.999 GPA).

The theme for the 2014–2015 Academic Decathlon® season is New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity and Innovation. 

USAD Academic Pentathlon

Get ready for the Decathlon: the rapidly-growing Pentathlon program allows middle school students a chance to start experiencing the benefits of Academic Decathlon® ahead of schedule.

The Pentathlon is comprised of five academic events: Literature, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Science and Social Studies

2014–2015 Pentathlon Competition Information is now available.

USAD Individual Competition

The United States Academic Decathlon® Individual Competition has been created to help individuals achieve their individual academic goals.

Home school students, alternative school students, team alternates, and Academic Decathlon® team members, this competition is for you!

2014–2015 Individual Competition Information is now available.

USAD International Competition

USAD® continues to recruit new schools for the International Competition. All English speaking International Schools are encouraged to participate. Teams for the International Academic Decathlon® are created in the same manner as for the Academic Decathlon®. Click here to find out how to get involved!


Click here for a complete list of upcoming events.